Manchester Eye Care is committed to offering each of our patients the finest in eye care.  One way we do this is by offering the most up-to-date technology available.


Manchester Eye Care uses an innovative Total Digital Refraction System that helps us to better evaluate your unique visual needs.  The system allows Dr. Secoy to perform additional tests and to compare your old and new prescriptions very quickly.  You will notice that it’s easier for you to tell, “Which is better-1 or 2?”  The entire exam procedure will be faster and more comfortable for you.  Our entire staff understands our obligation to offer the best available care to our patients.  Our job is to make your vision as close to perfect as we can, and this state-of-the-art digital refractor allow Dr. Secoy to achieve the most accurate prescription to help you see your best.


Manchester Eye Care offers Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) testing. OCT is a powerful new test that can help Dr. Secoy identify and manage eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy earlier in the disease process. The OCT test scans the structures in the back of the eye. Once the scan is complete, the test generates a highly detailed, cross-sectional image of the back of the eye that allows Dr. Secoy to see beneath the surface of your retina, the tissue of your eye that is responsible for you vision.  It is a quick and painless procedure.  Manchester Eye Care utilizes the iScan OCT and is the first office in the St. Louis area to have this amazing piece of technology.


Manchester Eye Care offers the latest advancement in digital retinal photography, the Eidon. The Eidon is a fully automated, state-of-the-art diagnostic tool which provides you and Dr. Secoy a detailed view of your retina…the tissue in your eye that is responsible for your vision.  The Eidon is a special camera that takes a picture of the inside of your eye to reveal the internal structures of your eye. It’s non-invasive and totally pain-free and can usually be done without being dilated. These magnified pictures enable Dr. Secoy to monitor and compare the internal health of your eyes from year-to-year, which facilitates early detection of any potential problems. Digital photographs will not only uncover potential eye disorders, but also issues which affect your overall well-being, such as diabetes and hypertension.


ionThe ion imaging system redefines anterior eye imaging by combining a new intra-optics beam-splitter/camera adapter with the tremendous computing and imaging power of the latest Apple technology. Together they create a highly sophisticated imaging system that emphasizes image quality, simplicity, and efficiency.  This system helps diagnose, treat, and educate patients about conditions that affect the front of the eye.



One of the most dreaded procedures when visiting an eye doctor seems to be the puff of air into the eyes.  The anticipation is torture for most patients, so Manchester Eye Care now offers the Icare tonometer as an option for measuring eye pressure.  The Icare tonometer is based on a proven accurate measuring principle, in which a very light probe is used to make momentary and gentle contact with the cornea. The measurement is barely noticed by the patient and requires no drops.  The device makes eye pressure measuring a more pleasant experience.



The m’eyeFit hybrid tablet PC allows flexibility within the dispensing process.  Our simple measuring protocol uses patented technology to help streamline the measurement process, preventing fitting errors, and ensuring the consistency and accuracy of measurements for the state-of-the art customized eyeglass lenses that we offer.  The m’eyeFit also allows you to see what you look like in up to four different frames at the same time.



fittingboxThe FittingBox is the latest innovation in virtual eyewear try-on technology.   It allows the user to instantly, in real time, and with movement try on numerous eyeglass frames and sunglasses.  With this technology, Manchester Eye Care is able to offer additional styles above and beyond what is in our physical inventory.  Another feature of the FittingBox includes facial analysis to help you find the style and color that is right for you.  It also allows you to take photos of your frame selections and share them with friends.  For those of you with high prescriptions that find it difficult to try on frames, the FittingBox allows you to see what you look like in new frames while wearing your current eyeglasses.  Finally, there is an app for kids to play with that allows them to virtually try on eyeglass designs that they create.  The FittingBox is available in our office and an online version is available here.